About me


Age: 30
From: The Netherlands
Study: Human Geography & Criminology
Job: The Netherlands Red Cross (Human Trafficking)
Passions: Traveling, Mountain Expeditions, Music, Art, Nature Conservation & (Wildlife) Photography

Animals, nature, cultures, people, projects, life. I love exploring the world. By observing, listening, researching, conversations. In as many different places as possible. I’m from The Netherlands and visited different countries since I was a child. For the first part of my life primarily for short holidays or school trips. All within Europe – until 2020. In this year I travelled to Southern Africa for the first time, solo, to join an amazing wildlife conservation project as a volunteer. 

I immediately fell in love with the African continent; the beautiful wildlife, kindhearted humans and the way of life. After my first experience in South Africa and eSwatini, I’ve travelled to Zimbabwe (and Botswana and Zambia) in 2021 and Tanzania (including climbing the mesmerizing Mount Kilimanjaro) in 2022. All these experiences made me sooo happy. And I can’t wait to go on new adventures.

It’s kinda funny how every time I spend money on a new journey, I end up feeling richer. Richer of life. Blessed. If you’re wondering how I end up in these adventures: I have a fulltime job, at the Red Cross, and try to save my money and leave days in order to travel (if possible) at least once every year. Although I work for it, I’m very aware that it is a privilege to travel. It is maybe because of my work, in which I contribute to several humanitarian projects, that I realize this even more. I’m very grateful for that I’m free, in the sense that I can make my own choices, and have the possibility to discover the world.

I started this website in order to share a bit of my experiences and happiness with others. I love to share all the beauty I’ve seen and things I’ve learned through photographs, stories and facts. I hope you enjoy exploring my work! Feel free to check out my Instagram or Shop. 🙂

X Irene